Digital Photography Courses

Taught by Larry J Foster, Master Photographer


Free Courses

There are several courses in the playlist including: how to use custom white balance, how to photograph snow, anatomy of a photograph (two of them), my thoughts on GIMP and how to use cheap extension tubes for macro photography.

Paid Courses

Fundamentals of Photography

This course is offered through Udemy. You can get the course for $15 (save $10) by using this coupon.


I have been a full time professional photographer since 1987. In that span I have photographed over 800 weddings, thousands of portraits, still life products, landscape, nature and architecture. I have won awards at all levels of competition including the International Photography Competition. In 2008, I was certified by the Professional Photogaphers of America and in 2015 I received my Master Photographer Degree.

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